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OUT NOW and available at all good bookstores across Australia and online. This link is to buy MAMMOTH directly from my publisher, UQP. If you live outside Australia, they will very kindly mail you a copy, and since The Australian dollar is so woeful these days, it will probably be a bargain.

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Click on the logo to buy MAMMOTH.


A TIGER IN EDEN, my first book, published in 2012. It's out of print now, but I have about 80 copies left. Buy it here for $20AU and I'll sign it, kiss it, and mail it to you personally. That way you'll have my DNA. Please don't clone me or frame me for murder.


Click on the logo to buy A TIGER IN EDEN.

THE GLASS KINGDOM, my second book, published in 2014. Also out of print now, but I have 2 boxes of stock that I saved from a dumpster. If you like crystal meth and travelling carnivals, this is the novel for you. In retrospect, it was perhaps a niche market. $20AU gets you a mould-free copy. I've wiped the mud off and everything.


Click on the logo to buy THE GLASS KINGDOM.

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