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Narrated by a 13,000-year-old extinct mammoth, this is the (mostly) true story of how a collection of prehistoric creatures came to be on sale at a natural history auction in New York in 2007. 


By tracing how and why these fossils were unearthed, MAMMOTH leads us on a funny and fascinating journey from the Pleistocene epoch to 19th Century America and beyond, revealing how ideas about science and religion have shaped our world.

With our planet on the brink of calamitous climate change, MAMMOTH scrutinises humanity's role in the destruction of the natural world while also offering a message of hope.

For more info on MAMMOTH, visit the UQP website.


MAMMOTH was shortlisted for the 2021 Indie Book Awards and The Russell Prize for Humour Writing.

"A tour-de-force, a brilliant book, a witty vaccine for the planet." SEBASTIAN BARRY

"Chris Flynn has written a brilliant, hilarious and curiously moving novel, featuring one of the best narrators in literary history and - without a doubt - the single best narrator in natural history. I simply love this story." ELIZABETH GILBERT

"Mammoth is astonishing, a novel that is by turns playful, uncomfortably excoriating, very funny and always deeply humane. It is both a requiem for lost worlds and lost time, and it is also a sheer joy." CHRISTOS TSIOLKAS

"Mammoth is an extraordinary gambit of the storytelling imagination of Chris Flynn, and a new way of listening to all the narratives of what we have supplanted." TOM KENEALLY

"Wry and at times bizarrely good. Mammoth is absurd, witty, very thoughtful, curious and simply fun." GOOD READING

"A funny, hopeful and mostly true gargantuan tale of mass extinction, the destruction of the natural world, murderous conflict and long-dead animals talking to each other. A splendidly ambitious project." THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

"Mammoth is a successful example of how a comic novel can entertain while delivering an earnest message." BOOKS + PUBLISHING

"A wholly original novel with not a tired, old trope in sight! Flynn has written a gorgeous, hilarious and unique novel, with plenty to say about humanity's role in nature and pinched with a glimmer of hope to soften the blows." THE COURIER MAIL

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