A collection of short stories (although some are quite long) from the bestselling author of MAMMOTH.


A grizzly bear goes on the run after eating a teenager. A hotel room participates in an unlikely conception. A genetically altered platypus colony puts on an art show. A sabretooth tiger falls for the new addition to his theme park. An airline seat laments its last useful day. A Shakespearean monkey test pilot launches into space.

The stories in HERE BE LEVIATHANS take us from the storm drains under Las Vegas to the Alaskan wilderness; the rainforests of Queensland to the Chilean coastline. Narrated in Chris Flynn's unique and hilarious style by animals, places, objects and even the (very) odd human, these stories push the boundaries of the form by examining human behaviour from the perspective of the outsider.

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HERE BE LEVIATHANS is also available at bookstores and libraries across Australia. If your bookshop or library doesn't have it in stock, ask them to order it in. Don't worry about borrowing HBL from your library - authors still receive a payment for every copy borrowed!

"With Here Be Leviathans Chris Flynn displays his extraordinary range as a fiction writer. His stories are sharply rendered, tender, wild, beautiful, and delivered with emotional power." TONY BIRCH

"Here Be Leviathans presents Chris Flynn as the maestro of the wryly compelling non-human narrator, whether it's grizzly bear, platypus, sabretooth tiger, hotel room, or airline seat. But his motley humans are equally deft at defamiliarising the assumptions by which we operate and illuminating our penchant for rattling ineffectually around in prisons of our own making. These stories are funny and smart about embracing possibility, and compassion for the forgotten, and acknowledging a natural order larger and more powerful than we will ever be." JIM SHEPARD

"A deeply experimental collection filled with intriguing stories, such as the amazing 'A Beautiful and Unexpected Turn', whereby a room acts as narrator and parent. A fascinating conversation with past and new experimental styles in Irish writing, reminiscent of Eimear McBride's work." CERIDWEN DOVEY

"Clearly Chris Flynn didn't get the memo about what's possible in fiction or, if he did, Here Be Leviathans barged in and ate his copy. This is a remarkable feat of imagination, and daring, as he finds voices in places no writer has before and makes the absolute most of them. Expect anything from this book, and it will still exceed your expectations. This is not a story collection. It's a drug none of us knew existed." NICK EARLS