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TRICERATOPS: FATE OF THE DINOSAURS is a permanent exhibition at Melbourne Museum, featuring the perfectly-preserved 67-million-year-old fossilised skeleton of HORRIDUS, the most complete Triceratops ever discovered.


HORRIDUS: JOURNEY OF A TRICERATOPS is edited by Chris Flynn. This chronicles the fossil's voyage across deep time, from Montana to Melbourne, featuring photography and interviews conducted by Flynn with palaeontologists, artists and thinkers from around the globe.

HORRIDUS AND THE HIDDEN VALLEY, illustrated by Aaron Cushley, is Chris Flynn's first book for children. This charming and humorous tale follows the Cretaceous-era adventures of Horridus the Triceratops and their friend Archie the Avisaurus, and is the first in a series.

Both books are on sale online and in bookstores across Australia.

HORRIDUS: JOURNEY OF A TRICERATOPS is available to buy at Melbourne Museum or online here.

HORRIDUS AND THE HIDDEN VALLEY can be purchased at Melbourne Museum or online here.

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