A Tiger in Eden

Text Publishing (2012)

Beautiful beaches, sexy young backpackers, cheap drinks: southern Thailand in the mid- 1990s is the perfect place for a holiday.

It’s also the perfect place for Billy, on the run from the Belfast police—to lie low. He’s turning away from a life of crime, but isn’t sure where to go.

A series of fights and one-night stands helps put his troubles out of mind for a while. But when Billy ends up in a Buddhist retreat he learns that no matter how far you travel, your past will always catch up with you.


"If ever Irvine Welsh and Elizabeth Gilbert had a love child, then A Tiger in Eden would be the result. The debut novel from Melbourne journalist Chris Flynn is brutal, hilarious and wholly surprising.”

Daily Telegraph

"A Tiger in Eden is not for the faint-hearted, but persevere because the journey is more than worth the effort. Flynn’s deft characterization of Billy and his eye for contrasting beauty with ugliness takes this novel to a higher level. [It] will leave the reader both inspired and breathless.”

Courier Mail

"Illuminating mayhem. A wild whirl of Roddy Doyle, James Kelman and Irvine Welsh, with no punches pulled… full of vibrant energy, pulse and earthily scatological humour. As a debut, A Tiger in Eden is impressive – hilarious, terrifying and raunchy."

Sunday Star Times


The weird thing is, right, apart from the fact a good book can take your mind off of things like the past and that, is that I starts speaking different. I could hear myself using words I’d never said before and I was thinking fuck me, I sound all educated or something. Just goes to show you like, I always thought you could never learn nothing from books but I was telling this Scottish lad about it one night at the bar, he was a good Prod so he was, he’d seen Rangers play loads of times, and he says to me sure reading books improves your vocabulary, everyone knows that.

Fuck me, I says, I must of missed the memo.